Reflection Paper

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Writing has been something that I have grown to love. At first, writing always felt like a chore. It felt difficult, boring, and tedious. However, once I entered my junior year of high school, my perception on writing immensely changed. During this year I fell in love with analyzing novels and finding new things within them. I enjoyed scouring the novels for any bit of new information and re-reading to gain another perspective. A paper that I was particularly happy with was on The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. There was never a paper that I enjoyed writing so much. I find that when I am truly interested in a work, I can write about it much easier. It is refreshing to dive into a book and to be able to put your thoughts into words on a paper.
While that paper was enjoyable to write, it was nowhere near perfect. This semester, I would really like to learn how to analyze text even deeper. I want to be able to go beyond the surface and delve into literary works. Often, I will play it safe with my writing, and I want to break out of that mold. I want to create unique and original thoughts. I do not want my writings to be dull and tiresome to read. Another goal I have is to develop stronger thesis statements. Generally, I feel as if my thesis statements can tend to be weak, predictable, and boring. I would like to learn how to make them more insightful and thoughtful. One of my weaknesses has always been developing a thesis statement strong enough to be entwined throughout the
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