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Reflection Paper A. The policies I was found in violation of are Use/Possession Drug, Allowing a Guest to Violate Visitation Policy, and Failure to Comply. The first rule exists because the residence life wants to keep us and our peers away from bad things that are typically illegal. This is important because it helps prevent any violence that could come with drugs and also discourages the use of drugs in the building because they can hurt you. Not to mention, drugs often negatively affect your ability to make decisions in the moment and some drugs hurt you permanently. The second rule and third rules exist because the residence staff needs to be able to keep tabs on who is in the building at all times and I am responsible for following the visitation policies and making sure my guest does the same. This is important for many reasons. The first is that if something bad happens, for example, the building burns down and they find a body, they might not be able to identify the body because they didn’t know that person was in the building. For safety reasons, who knows if someone is sneaking in a person who puts other residents in danger. Thirdly, out of respect for a resident’s roommate, residence staff checks people in to keep track of who is there and how often so that there isn’t what they call cohabitation which is a person spending the night more than three nights in a row. This could bother the roommate which is totally understandable and it is their room too so they

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