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My perception, understanding and appreciation for Christ has been a long varied, incrementally positive path that started with the introduction of the Scriptures from Roman Catholic catechism classes. I also recall an exceptionally early introduction to prayer through an insert from the New York Times that my father gave to me. Notably, with extreme thankfulness my non religious grandmother sent me to a Christian summer camp as a teen. Here the gospel was presented to me for the first time. Later I returned to work on the grounds of the summer camp in the kitchen over several summermos. In my teen years, my spiritual diet was greatly varied from the house church where I was baptized, to several charismatic churches that we visited when I was young, being invited by a friend. The U.S. Navy (USN) provided opportunities from the start since I served as Religious Petty Officer in boot camp providing spiritual encouragement to others in prayer a role that I would repeat at Naval Nuclear Power School. The Gospel Choir at Great Lakes, IL also enriched my weak musical ability with opportunities to minister in song to the community. While onboard the U.S.S. Carl Vinson (CVN-70) presented me the experience of the first time spent away from home, a city at sea, on an aircraft carrier with another 5000 people yet without real friends. This combination created an intense loneliness with stress. Reaching out to the Chaplain, he counseled me that the empty Coke can is always easily
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