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Semester Outcome Paper Ahmed Shaban 1/20/14 Bus300s Introduction When I decided to enroll in this class, I had certain expectations I really wanted to achieve. I thought that my moral values and business ethics were set on an unchanged pedal, but I came to realize that I’ve learned so much in these past weeks that I was not even aware of existing. A lot of interesting discussions that had expanded my way of thinking, some them were emotional, and some of them created some doubts. With my experience with the community service volunteering program, I had a chance to get to know the community on a closer look, and because of the fact that this program was mandatory, I felt like it was a smart way of enhancing morality and social…show more content…
Then what is the really going on. So many unethical values being wasted, at my work I get so many veterans coming in living on social security checks, and is that fair to the soldiers? But what can we do is try to work hard so that someday we could make the required change to create equity between the people and establish peace all around the world instead of conquering. Many people are affected in one of the ways, either helping these people get more, or get people to get less. We pay taxes not to send soldiers to other countries, if we are trying to improve education, then how come the US Is not even in the top countries of level of education. Self and Social Awareness What is really good about living in the US is its diversity, you get to learn about so many cultures and all celebrations differ from one another. You have neighborhoods completely mixed with many people from different countries. Diversity has its pros and cons, some people will believe that having different ethnic background is a plus, but also you have to put in mind that certain groups will be created, people will only be nice to their own ethnic people. In conducting business, it will be very good toward the business to have diverse clientele, because if this product

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