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Back in high school, I was considered one of the best writers in my class. Obviously, high school does not have the same standards as a college classroom would. After running through the course, I’ve noticed that my papers required many adjustments that would’ve been uncalled for last year. Uncharacteristically for my stubborn personality, I forced myself to accept that I am at fault, rather than the very tempting anchor to praise, and looked back at my errors to improve. Through this course, I have learned the importance of using peer review and revisions, bettering the transitions between ideas and paragraphs, staying consistent with my topic, and many other issues that would may my writing better. One of the most pressured lessons I have learned in the course was the important of revising my papers and getting other people to look over my writing. In high school, most revision was mostly looking for errors, such as wrong words, punctuation, and grammar. For the majority, students did not critic the content itself. While these are still problems that I need to fix, the revision process also now includes others analyzing the overall quality and understanding of the work. As the writer, I have difficulties in finding how others may not understand my flow of ideas since everything makes sense to me. Through peer revision, I can adjust my papers to better clarity and fix exactly what problems I may have overlooked so that people who are not me, such as the grader, may be able

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