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As a sophomore in High School, I took my first true upper-level writing class, Honors English 10. Before this time minimal papers and reading analysis was expected of me in my educational career, and I was unclear where I stood in the adequacy of my writing. I knew that Honors English 10 would be a difficult class but I was excited to gain help and guidance to elevate my writing skill that year. I soon found as the academic year progressed that I possessed skills that enhanced my writing and came easier to me, while in unison I struggled with many other aspects of writing.

Every English teacher I have had from elementary to high school has persistently taught the writing process. As my peers and I entered high school, however, I noticed it was a tool many students chose to discount. For many of my peers, it appeared to them as unnecessary and time-consuming. Personally, it is a tool I continued to use and today still take great benefits from. I recognize my proper use of the writing process as being a useful skill of mine. I tend to go through many drafts of a paper, from planning all the way to my final copy. Because of the writing process, I can lay out my frame or backbone of my papers with ideas and important information, and then enhance my papers with writing techniques and details. While in Honors 10 English, I learned a lot more about how and where to add the right details. Having a template of my papers and main ideas clearly laid out through the first steps of

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