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During my first semester attending Auburn University, I took an English Composition class. This course taught me many things not only about necessary writing skills, but also many things about myself. The class also showed me how important it is to research and embrace unfamiliar subcultures and communities. English Composition required me to produce three papers –two of them I am very proud of. Throughout the course of writing each assignment, I developed a connection with the subject matter of each piece. I believe I have learned what is expected of a college level writer. All of the skills I have acquired from this course have molded me into an adequate writer and a well-rounded student.
Upon reflecting each of my three essays, I concluded that my third and final essay is the strongest and best piece of writing I have created. My final assignment was a research paper in which we choose a product or company that has a gendered, racialized, sexualized, or classist history and analyzed the rhetorical shifts that took place between the advertisements. I identified and tracked the shifts that occurred between the eras of each ad and made an argument as to how these shifts were significant to the changes in our society. The assignment required us to pick put three advertisements over the course of history and spend time analyzing them to form a claim/argument.
My paper touched base on the obvious objectification, sexualization, and misrepresentation of women within

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