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English is a terrible subject. We learn it the day we start school in kindergarten and all the way till the end of high school and possibly college. English composition is a completely unavoidable subject and not everyone likes learning about things such as grammar, writing, and reading comprehension. It is one of those subjects that many students just want to get it over with as quickly as possible. On the other hand, students need to realize the English composition classes offer a lot more benefits than one might think. English classes is essential to well-rounded college education because it can help students do well in other classes and help them secure a job in the future. English classes not only improve your understanding of the…show more content…
In those resumes and cover letters, businesses and interviewers asks for specific informations and qualifications that they want and nothing else. It is no different from English class, in English class, professors ask students to write specific essays with specific formats and instructions. Students follow those specific instructions because that is how they get good grades on their essays. Students who write resumes and cover letters according to the interviewer’s or business’ standards shows the businesses and interviewers that those students are able to follow instructions and are organized. Not only that English composition classes offer students many tips and tricks on how to properly create a resume and cover letter, thus preparing students on how to make a good first impression on the hiring businesses and interviewers. Also being able to construct well-spoken sentences is very important to succeed in getting a job and it can even improve one’s social skills. In interviews and emails to employers, being able to speak and construct sentences properly can also make a huge impression. In an article by, grammatical errors and poor word choice are just some examples that can negatively affect a person’s chances of landing a job (Diresta). Therefore, students should definitely put their heart and mind into English composition classes because the materials learned from those

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