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The reason I took English 101 was to learn how to write a paper more effectively and understand the process in order to prep me for college. While I feel as my writing skills have considerably improved, my individual papers still have a lot of room for improvement. Through the many papers assigned, I have gained knowledge about the writing process, and with this brings a lot potential for my future years. The groundwork for a great paper has been laid because of this class, and all that is left to do is to keep practicing. In the beginning of the year, when I realized only had a couple days to write my whole rough draft, I thought it was ludicrous. Before this class, I spent most my of the given time just writing my paper, and…show more content…
Using the rough copy, I used a couple techniques to help me revise and polish it into my final draft. With the writing process, I learned how necessary it was to know how to revise and organize properly. Thus, I spent double the amount of time revising and preparing the paper than I actually did writing, to greatly improve my revising skills. Different techniques were shown to me, and all these techniques have tremendously came of benefit to me. One being to read my paper out loud, to myself and also my classmates or friends. Though stressful and most the time awkward or embarrassing, reading my paper aloud had helped me greatly, as the mistakes or jumpy transitions were very easy to identify. This also helped me eliminate or change any improper words or repetitive thoughts. This simple method of the revision process was the most helpful in finding suitable transitions between or within paragraphs. Another simple technique is having my peers read it; I have read the paper multiple times, thus it can become difficult to find mistakes. My classmates were able to see the grammatical errors that went undetected when I edited it. Also, I realized when I printed out and had a card copy, I was able to identify additional errors than going over my paper on a computer. With these simple techniques, my papers have improved drastically, while also reducing any doubts on my writing skills. In my past english classes, the one thing I always dreaded was writing papers.

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