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In my initial submission for Lesson 1, I recall being amused by the statement in the introduction of Navigating English Grammar that humans have always been fascinated by language. Then, and now, this still seems like an understatement to me. Language is an incredible facet to me and humans of all ages. To consider that an infant can communicate with few words and more gestures and then continue to develop the use of language as the number of words increase proves to be such an interesting phenomenon which has an influence on a human’s existence. This influence permeates throughout language in formal or informal use. In that same lesson, I recall the childhood influences upon my language development. Being a young Southern woman, a distinct dialect permeated my childhood environments; from home, school, and small community, the slow, slang-filled conversations enlightened me in the ways of people around me. This information partnered with the Grammar Quest proved that my own method of verb usage perplexed me. The instruction received in my local elementary and middle school demonstrated an error in my grandfather’s way of speaking; therefore, my way of speaking did not follow prescriptive rules, and additional instruction was deemed necessary. With this review and research of prior writings, the use of verbs and verb forms used in a prescriptive nature proves to be an area of concern for my own proper use of Standard English. The following are samples of my own writing; The

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