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During this semester of taking English 101, I believe I have improved to some extent. In the beginning of this year I was hoping I would change the way I wrote papers to sound more like a college student. Learning how to incorporate more detail into my pieces, researching the topics, like doing interviews, and coming up with criteria are concepts that helped me grow. Continuing writing every week in this class, helped me practice, growing furthermore into the writer I want to become. In the beginning of the semester, one piece we completed was telling a childhood memory. During this process, I was having a hard time describing the story into more detail, so it was interesting for the reader. Starting off the writing piece with describing the setting benefited me to draw in the audience. In the introduction of this writing I used detail like “The floors were decorated with colorful lines, with children following them as if the dull areas were lava. Disco lights covered the ceiling, creating a concert feeling”. With illustrating the setting of the main part in my story, the audience will draw a picture in their minds, and hopefully will want to continue reading. Another example that helped me grow was using resources around me to include into my papers. During my research paper, I used websites and interviews to help give more examples and details. The topic of my research paper was about the differences between a university and community college. Interviewing adults that

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