Reflection Paper In English

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This semester was excellent! Recently I found myself taking English 1301 for the first time. At first, I felt overpowered, the assignments assort in topics and at times, I felt unknowing of the subjects. Often papers ranged from primitive to intricate. Before long we started off with a simple essay, then progressed from there. Luckily, power points were provided throughout the course. The first paper we wrote was about our experience in a community event. The description of the paper was narrative, which was a light way to start the course. Moreover, we were introduced to visual rhetoric. Based on a visual media image we used persuasive writing to decode what is being conveyed through everyday advertisements. For that reason, visual media analysis was very fun to write and my personal favorite. As we went on, I stumbled across literary analysis, it was the most tedious paper of them all. Personally, it was a challenge for me to write an analysis of a short poem/speech based on only literature. I didn’t see how I would meet the seven hundred-word criteria. So, I chose an extensive topic, politics. Consequently, it was never-ending. Finally, our research paper was a fresh breath of air. To elaborate, academic writing is of significant importance. The concept of formal writing is essential for every college student. Prewriting is the first step I engage in before writing anything down. Usually, I research and gather information. After I begin drafting, I

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