Reflection Paper In Nursing

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Reflection Paper 1
Jenise N. Ropp
University of Mary

Reflection Paper 1 Research, while an intimidating topic to beginners, is an essential reality to the graduate nurse practitioner. Becoming proficient in critiquing the design of research studies and analyzing the results takes practice and perseverance. Thus, reflecting on one’s current state and setting goals for improvement aids one’s development in these areas. Throughout this paper, the author will disclose her current academic studies, as well as relevant background in research. Next, three research-related goals will be created based upon the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains of Bloom’s taxonomy. The positivist and constructivist paradigms will be explored with their relevance to nursing research, and the author will discuss which paradigm is most appealing to her and why. Lastly, the author will share her personal beliefs regarding the role of the graduate nurse practitioner in promoting research and evidence-based practice findings, and will discuss her comfort level in initiating evidence-based practice projects.
Current Studies and Background in Research In terms of current academic studies, I am enrolled in the family nurse practitioner/doctorate of nursing practice program at the University of Mary. This program turns baccalaureate-prepared registered nurses into family nurse practitioners, ready to practice medicine in a variety of settings. As a bit of history, I
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