Reflection Paper In Sweeps

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I am an investigative Journalist, and I thrive on revealing hidden dirty details to the public. I feel like it is my job to keep the public well informed. Recently the producers at my network came to me with a proposal for an investigative piece. They caught wind that a grocery store’s food handling could be putting consumers at risk. The more details the producers gave me, the more anxious I became. I had a fire in my belly to reveal the unsafe food handling happening at this chain. This story is juicy, and not only affects many people across the country who buy food from these stores—but I can have the opportunity to have my work on prime-time television during sweeps. I know I am up to the challenge to give the people the facts and create a hard-hitting investigative piece that won’t let my producers down (Sarapin, 2017). I can’t just say what my producers have told me about this grocery chain, I need to find proof. I want video footage of employees using chancy practices. I started thinking about how I was going to obtain this footage and had a moment of clarity. I should just submit an application to work at the grocery store and get a job there. What would the harm in that be? While I’m at work I can secretly record video and sound with hidden cameras (Sarapin, 2017). I wrestled with my decision to go work at the grocery store, and I had a gut feeling that it might be morally wrong to do that—so I took to the internet and started searching to see if it would be okay
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