Reflection Paper: Internship with Online World

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Internship Reflection I found my production internship to be rewarding, fulfilling, challenging, and enjoyable. For me, it was enjoyable to participate in news production. I enjoy many aspects of the production process from start to finish activities such as composing scripts, editing voiceovers, and editing the news footage. Broadcasting the news to the public, I feel is an important duty and I learned that the process of broadcasting to the public is an enjoyable process and feeling for me. I participated in a production internship that had a duration of six weeks. The production internship was at a production studio that produced broadcast news. While interning, my official title was Student Intern. My specific duties involved working with the rolling subtitles that appear underneath and simultaneous to broadcast content. I additionally participated in the post production aspects of the program, working with other editors. I researched material, made drafts or rough cuts, typeset content, and sent my work to be seen and used by the news anchors. My internship allowed me to develop skills in a specific area of production while also providing me opportunities to interact with various departments & individuals. While I did have my primary focus of work (subtitling), the internship gave me opportunities to learn and participate in aspects of the production process in which I was not always directly involved. There was both specificity and variety. These aspects helped make
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