Reflection Paper: JK Pinto and OP Kharbanda's 'How to Fail in Project Management'

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How to fail in project management Reflection paper
Whenever one goes to an interview for a job, the interviewer will almost always ask the candidate to describe his strengths and weaknesses. And a common weakness stated by candidates is perfectionism, which can in essence be perceived as a quality by the prospective employer; it is a positive weakness, so to say.
In my case however, perfectionism is not only a trait to use as answer in an interview, it is a real weakness; it is so critical that it often times forces me to focus excessively on details and even fail to see the bigger picture. I will sometimes get tangled up in details I seek to perfect, and will neglect the project altogether because I am focused on a small component of the project. And I would like all project components to be handled in such a manner, yet I seldom have the time. So the overall project has to suffer.
Additionally, being so stuck on perfect or the commitment to try my best and do everything I possibly can often materializes in the expectations for others to do the same; or for the result to be measured to the effort. And when this is not so, I will take the failures personally. So, in my case, perfectionism is more of a curse than a blessing.
Jeffrey K. Pinto and Om P. Kharbanda recognize the importance of project management within the modern day society and not only at the level of the business community, but also at the level of other sectors, such as health care, legislation and so

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