Reflection Paper : Mapping My Life

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I have not realized how much I and the environment are connected. When mapping my life, I find it refreshing and could pinpoint why I was stress. On the map, I choose six systems that were meaningful to me. They are school, transportation, hobbies, friends, club, health. This year, I am trying to manage how to juggle these things I list. When the day is ending, I am a zombie by the time I come home. However, I am having fun because I am more active I ever been during school years. School is the number one priority for me. There is one goal I want to achieve, and that is to get my Ph.D. Now, on the map, I consider school to be stressful and flow of energy. One of the reasons to be stressful is I am trying to manage all my class homework…show more content…
I have no idea how I am going about and adding volunteer at the nursing home is going to be stressful. I still planning when to eat right before dinner hits. My main thing is to exercise, and I need to get on that. Also, I need to get on about my hobbies. The activities I enjoy to de-stress. However, I have trouble relaxing since most of my days are working or school. The only free time I get is at night. I only get an hour to de-stress then I go to bed and wake up early. I know having free time can be hard, but I get energy from my hobbies. That is the reason I put on my ecomap. It is the way I recharge myself. Now, the most stressful I will get is transportation. I have a unique black car just for my wheelchair. There are times the car wants to be stubborn leaving me to use my manual chair. Whenever I have to do that, I would get frustrated because the powerchair is a source of independence. Plus, the using the trolley can be a pain at times. I calculate carefully when to get on the bus and how long I can hang out before getting back on the trolley. It is worse especially when I sit on a hot day. Anyways, the last thing on my ecomap is my family diagram. My family background is unique. All of us are adopted except one of my sister, Morgan; even my cat is adopted. When I was looking at the map, I chuckled because I forget we adopted her. The cat’s name is
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