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Reflection Paper
Merck & Co is a large pharmaceutical company headquartered in New Jersey. While testing a ivermectin drug for animals in 1978, it was discovered the drug killed a parasite in a horse that was similar to the worm that causes river blindness in humans. River blindness is a decease found in developing countries that causes suffering in humans and can lead to blindness. (Trevino, 2014, p. 361) There are two drugs that are used to combat the river blindness but both have serious side effects. Researching the development of a new drug cost millions of dollars and can take up to 12 years. (Trevino, 2014, p. 361) Merck & Co must make a decision to pursue the development of the new drug. The organization must consider their
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Finally, the government of these countries are stakeholders because a cure for the suffering of their people could finally be created ending the suffering of their population.
Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid The corporate social responsibility pyramid consists of four responsibilities that an organization must consider. These responsibilities are economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic. (Trevino, 2014, p. 341) The economic responsibility that an organization must consider when making business decisions is if the product or service is what the consumer wants and will it be profitable. The drug that could be a potential cure to the river blindness disease in the Merck and Co case is a product that the people want and need. This drug could stop people from suffering. Some people with the disease have suffered so badly that they have committed suicide. The drug that Merck & Co could possibly create through their research could cure this suffering. The drug however would not be a profitable product. Those who suffer from the river blindness disease are located in developing countries. These people would not have the money to purchase a high-priced medication. The next responsibility an organization must consider is the legal responsibility. An organization
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