Reflection Paper : Multicultural Counseling And Psychology

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Getting my new text and being filled with curiosity is always a great feeling prior to starting a class; Cultural Anthropology, such a foreign topic, so I thought. Once I began to read the first few chapters of the book I began to recognize words and details that I have previously been introduced too. Thinking back to when and what classes I have had the same experience, I recall Multicultural Counseling and Psychology. Stepping out my comfort zone is what really came to mind. Growing up in a society that has changed so much over the years you would think that I would be used to it; however, asking to look at your community with a different set of eyes is uncomfortable and brings feelings of disbelief most of the time. During my multicultural class my instructor asked us to explain what culture we were a part of. I thought long and hard on the topic, and identified that I was a Caucasian female, with English and German heritage. Needless to say, I was way off base. She wasn’t asking me to share my heritage, she wanted to know about my culture; what shared values did I have with people of my culture, what was my perception of the world in comparison to others of my culture. How did my culture change over time and through generations? These were the types of questions she wanted answers. I had a lot to learn. Being open to the idea of studying and having a greater understanding of anthropology is the first step in being able to implement changes in my life
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