Reflection Paper On A Museum

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At the beginning of the class when I first heard that we had to do a museum project of things that we have collect, I was excited because, I knew exactly want I wanted to do my report on. I chose to do my museum project on all the fun things my boyfriend and I did throughout the three and a half year we have been dating. I have collected most of our movie tickets, concert tickets, live performance, hotel keys, plane and travel stubs. Before we had to assemble them into categories for this project I kept them all inside a shadow box I found at a local thrift shop but then I needed to come up with a better display, that’s where I thought of picture frames. So, to start my collection I had to keep each ticket stub and then add to my collection after we went somewhere or did something fun. Before I knew anything about arts I would found myself during my free time doing something that directly related to the arts. We have on a couple occasions gone to our local Melodrama which is about 30 minutes from our house, in a small quaint town called Oceano. I remember when we would plan to go we would get dress up in whatever theme the show was that night. We went to a Western Bonanza show so we dressed up in our cowboy attire. Most of the shows we attended at the Melodrama were around the holiday season. My favorite show performed is the Christmas Extravaganza that they have every year. I love the holidays because it reminds me of how lucky I am to have such amazing friends and family in my life and that I get to share amazing experiences with. Another one of my favorite things to do it go to the movies. The movies offer a lot of different relations to the arts. Many of the movies I enjoy seeing are documentary type movies that are based from real-life stories. Movies bring emotions into the theatre experience. Also, the movies incorporate a lot of different types of music which allows the audience to express what they are feeling. The music in movies are chosen to evoke some type of physical reaction whether it be: sadness, anger, happiness, love and so on. This is exactly what I feel when I look back on my collection, I remember each event like it was yesterday. I enjoyed putting together my project together and I used
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