Reflection Paper On Anne Frank

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I have decided to write my thoughts and experiences, kind of like an Anne Frank thing. Honestly, we're not all that different, me and her. Listen to me and don’t take me the wrong way, I am fully aware that in all actuality she was in a considerably more intense situation. all it is that I am saying is that she and I lived a sort of struggle that shares a few similarities with my own. for insistence, we were both in hiding from a group of dangerous people and were both found. The only real difference is that I'm still alive. yet I suppose there is also, of course, that one other notable difference between the two of us and our "upbringing". Anne was hiding from Nazis because they had a strong hold over a country of people, weapons, willingness to kill and most immortality ignorant beliefs that can only come from white supremacy and religion. While I was just finding from my family. Also, there is the fact that she was sent to a concentration camp when she was found and I'm just getting blacked mailed (aka forced) into going home to the family. Though a part of me believes that I should be given the right to the assumption that my family is not all that different from a bunch of Nazis. I mean get rid of the white supremacy and there you have it, my family. Although I suppose that there is quite a few more difference, for one I understand my sexuality. alright, I may be able to sense that that was a little rude and Ok, I can now see that I went off the rails and lost my

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