Reflection Paper On Art Museum

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I attended the Crocker Art Museum’s, “U Nite” celebration on October 26, 2017, where I participated in the celebration by attending multiple performances, artists’ presentations and art exhibits scheduled on the U Nite itinerary. I received a map that included the itinerary and I began my visual learning exploration. The first exhibit I experienced when I walked into the museum was a jazz quartet playing music, so I stopped to listen, while I planned my schedule using the provided map and itinerary. I allowed myself time to stop and appreciate all of the art exhibits and paintings on my way to listen to a lecture located in the Gold Rush Gallery. The Crocker Art Museum was eye candy for me and I was able to view a large variety of art pieces created from a variety of cultures who work with a variety of mediums. The cultural exhibits included cultural masks and weaponry, as well as dress practiced dress wear. I enjoyed viewing all of the art pieces and reading about the artists who created these pieces. Some of the readings about the art piece showed the artist to be unknown, which caused me to imagine who the artist was and made me feel sad to understand the connection between artworks and their creators has been lost in history, but I am glad to have had the opportunity to appreciate their work. I arrived at my first destination and sat in a chair to wait for the lecture to begin.
The subject of this lecture was different than I imagined it to be about, but I am always
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