Reflection Paper On Art Of Museum

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On Saturday, July 15, 2017, I had a great time to visit Dallas Art of the museum. I observe the much ancient painting, arts, scriptures, and antique exhibit. I have never seen nor visit the museum in my entire life. Visiting the Dallas Art of museum gives me a different feeling and questioning myself that how creative and the unique artwork that was. Now, I felt like not only the art human being can interpret the meaning of the life but when other people do not comprehend the others feeling, the artist reflect this feeling on the art to describe his entire story. I also learn about the art and the artist name. I saw various types of an exhibit from a different country which has their own value and hidden meaning inside the art. One of the crucial thing that I learn is creativity. We have seen in our society that some people are very creative and critical thinking but they do not realize that they have a mental image and power to think about anything and make the art surreal. When someone else detects or point out their creativity, that person feels gratitude and realize that they also have an invisible power to make a creative thing. Art for Delight - Title: Belle Chambre. Artist: No specific Artist. There is no artist who creates this art but the piece of delight is full of sculpture, antique ornaments and well-made materials. The interior design is decorated with the pair of the antique chairs, clothes sewing tables, rug and crumble which fits the function, Art for
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