Reflection Paper On Being A Nurse

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Being a nurse takes its toll on emotions and really puts through tough times with dying patients or patients that are just plain out rude. And at first, I thought that being emotionally involved with the patient was not allowed because it made it harder to do your job. I was wrong being emotionally involved makes you a better nurse and makes it seem like you are an actual person and not a mechanical being taking care of patients. We went to say goodbye. We went there for comfort from our family. We went there to give comfort before the end. Arriving in Wyoming at around eleven we wanted to see my aunt Ritti before she died. Getting to the hospital I was calm and collected but as soon as I walked into the room my emotions were all scrambled. Her head tilted back and her mouth was wide open so she could breathe, she was skinnier, pale, and there were bags under her eyes. She was lying there motionless, the only thing that she could move were her eyes. I only knew one way to handle a situation dealing with death, cry. After saying hello to my aunt Ritti I said hello to my aunts Tuesday and Rhonda, uncles Daryl and David, and my mother's parents.We stayed in the hospital talking and catching up and including my aunt in the conversation. Around one in the morning my uncle Daryl sent us to go get some rest because the plan was to see her off. The next morning we got up at six, arrived at seven and when we got into her room my uncle Daryl said she had declined in the night so

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