Reflection Paper On Blue Zone

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1.1.) Blue zone is parts of the world that have people that have a long life span, healthy life while not trying to be healthy. It is important to learn about blue zones to understand what can be done to extend the life of all people in the world. 1.2) "Purpose “is to have your "whatfor". It’s to have a reason to get up every day from your bed without thinking "why is god waking me up today" "Down Shift" is to de-stress and experience what the world has to offer such as the sunset, spending time with family, and taking the time to yourself just to clear out your thoughts of what maybe causing stress or the mental weight on your shoulders.
1.3) I will look for my reasoning for life or give a reason to live. The goal will be to not
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4.1) I am very interested in eating more plant based foods, I have even thought about going on a vegetarian diet but one thing that does concern me here in the U.S is soy. Many reports have shown that most of the plants especially soy beans are genetically modified and can cause a lot of health issues if the tofu is unfermented. I would like to find some great Tofu and try it. If I enjoy the taste. I may even, consider going on to a full plant based diet. I would have to outweigh the cost as well of course. 5.1) I am currently working on my associates of nursing for I can help people. I have tried to find what the purpose of my life is and decided that until I truly find it that I can help people. I love helping people and feeling needed. Feeling needed it what gets me out of bed most of the time. The only thing that I can see besides being in the medical field to feel a purpose to breath is to just explore and see what the world has to offer. My long term goal is to have both of the worlds. I plan to hold a solid job being a flight nurse while taking time every year to see nature.

6.1) Finding people who can share the same values as I do is nice, it makes sense to spend time with people who you share a lot in common with and that will support you on good habits you may have. I am from Arizona and all my friends there shared a lot of the same interest like going for a run, hiking, camping, and spending time together. When I was living in Arizona, I
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