Reflection Paper On Business Leadership

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Reflection Paper on Business Leader’s Prior to attending the Business Internship course, my knowledge and understanding on successful business leaders was very limited. Although I had heard of countless success stories in business, I had never actually understood what it took to achieve such measures of success. However, it wasn’t until we had the privilege of hearing from four different business magnates in weeks 6 -9. Each of the business leaders gave an hour’s seminar and which was aimed at providing insights into their personal lives, working experiences and the core essence of 21st century business leadership. Dale Alcock was first to fire up the business seminars. Dale began his presentation by fore-telling the story of two brick layers: Gary Brown and Dale Alcock. Gary left school at a very young age and his father persuaded him to join the brick laying business. It wasn’t until the age of 16 that his Father had signed a guarantee for Gary to purchase his first block of land. By the age of 21 Gary went ahead and built his first duplex home and he quickly became determined to becoming a business success and retiring at age of 30. Dale Alcock (business partner to Gary brown) got into the housing through the apprenticeship pathway. Dale did the apprenticeship through correspondence and completed both his apprenticeship and builders registrations by the age of 21. Dale then decided to move to Perth and he secured fulltime with a small builders company (This choice chose

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