Reflection Paper On Child Parenting

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I went to Richmond provincial court for the court visiting project on October 26, 2017. The courtroom number is 104 and the level of court is provincial. There was only one judge, one clerk and one bailiff in the court. The judge is female, but I do not have her name. There were numbers of applications had been discussed in the courtroom and most of them were related to driver license and child parenting issues. Most of driver licence issues only took around less than 5 minutes because they were arranged for the next court session with documents required. However, when it came to child parenting, it took longer time. There was an application related to child parenting. A father walked into courtroom with his son and the mother was with a lawyer. …show more content…

And both parties agreed. So, the judge asked the father to send the child back to school and then they will need to come back to court an hour later. Therefore, I do not have the judge’s decision in this case. There is another case that attracted my attention in the court room. A couple was arguing about child parenting. In this time, the plaintiff is the father and the defendant is the mother. However, the mother does not speak English well, so there is an interpreter for the mother. I saw that the clerk held a book and said something that wanted the interpreter to make a pledge for being an interpreter for the defendant. In this case, it seems like the plaintiff argued the defendant does not perform her duty to send the child back or pick up children on time. For some reasons, the plaintiff’s lawyer asked for full trail for two to discuss about child support or some other issues. And the defendant’s lawyer is also asking for the full trail. So, the judge agreed with the lawyer for the full trail, but she was wondering why plaintiff and defendant need the two hours. So the judge reduced the trail time from two hours to one and half hour in this case. Therefore, they will need to come to court again for further

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