Reflection Paper On Clinical Experience

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Looking back to the first day of clinical to the last day I have changed a lot during this time. During the whole clinical experience I had to use a lot of the growth mindset in-order to get fully through the whole process. My clinical teacher and I didn’t quite have the same opinion on certain things. While we did struggle through are different mindsets, it was a great learning experience. I will have people I work with that I don’t always agree with and I will have to find a way to compromise with them. This was something we talked about with each other and worked through. So, Im grateful in that aspect in learning how to deal with those situations. I also changed in that I’m more confident in giving my lessons to my students, along with I tried to not be as scared in-front of them. While my teacher and I did have our struggles I did learn a lot from her. I will use some of her techniques in my future classroom. One of them is at the beginning of each day she allowed that students time to talk. Along with get out all of the materials they need for the class that day. I came up with an idea during this time when I was with her to play a “Name that Song” game with the students. This was a great way for them to use comprehension skills with songs they love to listening to. I also loved how during the week she has an agenda paper hung up in her classroom. During the week students can write down any concerns or things they would like to change about the classroom. Then at the

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