Reflection Paper On Color Culture

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Red: warmth Blue: Night, calm
Orange: Evening Purple: Cold
Yellow: Fresh White: Clean, basic
Green: Soothing Black: Emptiness, bold

1) Compare your notes on color with the listings on the website for Color Culture.

It’s eye opening to learn how color is interpreted around the world. As I compare my thoughts on color to that of different cultures I am amazed at the variety of connections that are made through this artistic aspect of life. It seems as if I have the closest connection to the psychological interpretations of color. My thoughts on the color green for example perfectly fit with the psychology description of the color which is: soothing, relaxing mentally and physically, helps with depression, anxiety and nervousness. I think my connection to the psychological interpretations of color stems from my emotional outlook on life, for example my bedroom is painted a deep blue because its calming to me and sets the mood for rest.

2) What was the most interesting or surprising thing you discovered in the comparison?

Absolutely the most surprising thing I discovered in my comparison was just the extreme variety of different interpretations of color. Before visiting the website, I thought color symbolism would be for the most part universal. But what I learned is that each and every culture has its very own, unique connections to color. The stark
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