Reflection Paper On Court System

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Now that I have been attending court regularly for my internship, I now have a pretty good grasp on how things work in this particular court. I find myself answering my own questions, and I really have a feel for how the court system works. It is quite interesting, and every day is something new which is a significant trait that many places do not hold. I still dislike family court, as it is tedious, but criminal court is always a pleasure. Since I have last written, I have seen charges from robberies to drugs to assaults to sex offenders. It’s interesting to observe how different charges come with different circumstances and punishments, and also noteworthy how the judges sentencing styles differ. I find it very interesting to observe the different tendencies between the 2 judges, Wilhelm and Tailleur. I find myself primarily spending about equal time in each judge's court because the week's differ. If Judge Wilhelm has a busy calendar, than Judge Tailleur will have a laid back callender, and vise versa so I do find myself in each of the judges courts an equal amount of time. Now that I have been there a couple weeks, I can confidently say that Judge Wilhelm, is the judge who is a little bit harder on crime, whereas Judge Tailleur is much more easy on crime and pro-rehabilitation. For example, there was a situation where an inmate pled guilty to a felony charge of promoting prison contraband, but claimed that he didn’t realize that it was a felony charge and nobody told
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