Reflection Paper On Cross Country

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Last year my cross country season was going great I was redshirted and was put into uniform. I was at the peak of my athletic ability and school was going pretty good. Coming into this cross country season I could feel that I was not fit as last year which created a lot of concern for myself. I did everything that the coach told me to do and yet my body didn’t feel good at all. We got together at our cross country camp which is the start of our cross country season and our first workout I struggled to stay with the people I could so easily run with last year. My body felt bigger, my plantar was hurting, and I could tell that my confidence wasn’t the same. The first race was pretty good, but the next races kept getting progressively worst. We traveled as a team to Lewis University to race a 6k and after the race, we were going to change out of spike real fast to run a longer cooldown that would count for our long run. During the race, I hit the 4K mark I could feel that something wasn’t right. My hands became numb, my stomach began to hurt, I became light-headed, and my body felt heavy. I finish and fell to the ground in exhaustion, but right away my teammates pulled me up to get ready for the long cooldown. I didn't feel good at all, but I would have looked weak if I told my coaches my stomach hurts and I have a headache. They would have just told me to go run. At one point, I just couldn’t continue and we still had 30 minutes left. All I wanted to do was find my mom, so I
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