Reflection Paper On Dance

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An hour before my dance I’m standing backstage like thousands of times before. The butterflies in my stomach creep in as my anxiety rises; i review the dance over and over in my head, trying to convince myself i’m more than ready. I’m about to compete in the most advanced level against the top dancers in the region. I think about how much i have grown in the past year as a dancer….

Last year my friend Sarina and I wanted to perform a duet together. However we were only in our second year in Boni’s en Toure Dance Studio, so we were technically not allowed to perform duet dances. After talking to the directors, they decided to make an exception and allow us to compete this season together. This was finally our shot to show the teachers that there was more to us than they ever thought.

To challenge ourselves and develop our skills we choreographed a very technical routine: switch leaps, fouettes, and back rolls (all advanced dance techniques) became a part of our daily vocabulary. This routine not only challenged our technique but also our physical stamina; there was never a moment when we weren't jumping 4 feet in the air or carrying one another across the stage. We had to rise to a new level of dance to be able to compete at the most advanced division.

The many hours bled into months as we polished our dance. Finally competition came and we were excited to compete at the advanced level. However, the week of the competition we were surprised to see we were registered to
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