Reflection Paper On Developmental Theories

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Reflection Paper on Developmental Theories First of all, through this assignment, I have learned that it is necessary to apply the knowledge of human behavior and the social environment to each case presented. Adults build life structures or patterns of living that are altered during their life cycles. They claim that each relationship an individual occupies cause some conflicts and balances that exist between the stages. It pushes a person to question their life structure and questions where they have been versus where their life is leading them. It will also provide a social worker with a set of ideas that will help get a better understanding of the problem. In addition, it is through the use of these theories that a social worker can determine what necessary steps need to be addressed to help the client. Timeline Sal Franco at age 19 emigrated from Italy as a newlywed with his wife, Maria. He and his wife owned and operated a small grocery store. At age 20, he indicates that he was a hard-drinker and developed stomach problems and high blood pressure. At that time he limited his use of alcohol to his Friday poker nights and Sunday dinners with his family. After 44 years, Sal, age 70, sold his business to his son and planned to enjoy travel and retire with his wife, Maria. Unfortunately, shortly after retiring Maria was diagnosed with aggressive leukemia and died within 4 months. Since Maria’s death he states that he consumes 3 to 4 drinks a day to
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