Reflection Paper On Discipleship

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As we look at how we approach discipleship, it is imperative that we look at the role of both imagination and narrative metaphors. Hopefully we can assume that the Bible is the major governing force for believers in Christ, then narrative metaphors for discipleship should be those of which the foundations are rooted in Scripture and the story of God’s people. Certain metaphors, specifically narrative metaphors, may speak especially strongly to the way that we imagine our roles as disciples and the Kingdom that we orient ourselves toward. Some of these metaphors include exile, pilgrim, messenger, harvester, ambassador, slave, soldier, and builder. While discipleship is very important to how we view ourselves as Christians, considering what …show more content…

Here, Jesus warns us about false prophets and that not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom unless we work to build the kingdom and glorify God in all that we do. This illustrates a clear picture for me that we must maintain our faith in Christ and work to build His kingdom to fully receive God’s salvation through His son. When putting the “builder” metaphor into modern American context and our typical social imaginary, I immediately think of Mother Teresa and her story. Despite some of the criticisms of Mother Teresa for being fraudulent and just a mega-promoter of Catholicism, kingdom builders are still called to pray for and with people, as well as setting faithful examples for others. Mother Teresa spent her entire life dedicating her time to other people and selflessly focused on the well-being of others, including strangers that she had never met before. She built up God’s Kingdom by rescuing others and devoted her life to helping the poor and needy and setting a faithful example by believing in humanity and exemplifying the goodness that encompasses it. Furthermore, the Lord wants everyone to allow the Holy Spirit to take over every facet of their lives. The Lord wants this for all of us, and He gives this gift freely. Mother Teresa coincided with the Holy Spirit and allowed His graves to reside within her in becoming a disciple of Christ.
On the other hand, a metaphor that speaks to who I am, although on a much

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