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1. Diversity is defined as “the condition of having or being composed of differencing elements” (Webster Dictionary). Through my clinical experiences I have seen a lot of diversity whether it be different ethnicity, the family culture/make-up or students living with disabilities in the classrooms. Specifically, in my urban clinicals I saw more ethnicity and culture diversity differences between student to student and student to teacher relationships. However, in my suburban school clinical experiences I also saw diversity, but in a different way. Here I saw much more diversity in family make-up.

2. Working as an after-school childcare supervisor I have encountered a variety of individuals and families with different experiences. One
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When Kristina and Brandon got married they decided to open a CrossFit Prevail Gym in McHenry Illinois. Brandon dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast then headed out the door to get to the gym to coach the 5am WOD class at the gym then head to his job afterward. When Brandon left it was 4:45am Kristina lied back down and fell back to sleep. When the second alarm went off at 6:45am Kristina found a little munchkin in bed with her it was Chase. He had snuck into her room to give her morning cuddles. After morning snuggles both Kristina and Chase got up and went to wake the girls for school. Running in and jumping on his sisters Chase finally awoke them and they all headed down stairs for breakfast. While all three children ate their cereal and watch cartoons. Kristina went up to take a quick shower and dress herself to take the kiddos to school. After finishing their cereal, the three children all went upstairs to get dressed. Madison the oldest dressed herself, made herself a lunch and packed her bag for school. As Madison was finishing packing her bag Makenna came down the stairs to pack her bag. After dressing Chase Kristina came down stairs to help her children. Kristina made Makenna a lunch and packed Chase a snack for preschool. “Get your shoes on” Kristina yelled as she turned off the lights and television. By the time that everyone got out of the house and into the car

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