Reflection Paper On Elementary I Remember Learning

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In elementary I remember learning how to do an outline before writing paragraphs. The teacher would give you specific topic. At first, we would look at the story and try to find the main topic. Then, look for the evidence that supports the topic. We would use highlighters for each section. Yellow was used to mark what was the main idea. The supporting evidence was marked red or pink. And the introduction and conclusion were marked green. Then, we would try to write an outline for the story. The outline was the introduction, three body paragraph, conclusion. When I first started to do outline I thought it was an easy task to do because there was no need for much write. I felt like it would help me get to know what to write about. Sometimes…show more content…
It described how the sky looked. Then, came the description of how thunder and lightening sounded and how fast it crashed. After she read the story, we had to reread it if we did not know what the main idea was. The description helped us identify that the storm was very strong. At the bottom of the worksheet, it told us we had to write three details from the story. After getting down the main idea, the teacher told use about transitions. Teachers help us understand that we need to write a transition word at the beginning of each paragraph so it helps our ideas connect and the paragraph flows smoothly. As we learn about each section that makes up an essay, we get an example that we can always look at when we get stuck on a section. One of the main things that children in elementary are able to stay on topic. So, it would help them when it came to an explanatory writing. Where we had a topic like “if I was president” or a type of paper that explained how to make a type of food. I remember when I would write about how to make peanut butter and jelly. I was something simple since most of us do not know how to cook at a young age. We would have to write these type of paper we would present it to the classroom. My classmates would have an idea how to make the things we knew how to make. I remember when I wrote about peanut butter and jelly. I felt like it would be something that was easy to make and other can also do it. I remember when I wrote down the

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