Reflection Paper On English Class

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English class reappears on my schedule each year, and I normally set one goal for the class, to pass it with an “A+”. This quarter surpassed my expectations by a mile, and I learned many helpful strategies for writing a more organized and intelligent paper. The class transformed my boring left brained mind into a more creative right sided mind, in the way I begin and write my essays. Each paper I wrote throughout this quarters demonstrates my improvement as a writer. Mrs. Carlson taught me easy ways to steer clear of to be verbs, how to use commas correctly, and how to correctly cite in MLA. The class consisted of a plethora of homework and hard work, and even though Mrs. Carlson gave us these difficult assignments I maintained an “A” the entire quarter. I deserve to graduate from English 101 because my writing improved greatly over the quarter, including, to be verbs removal, less simple sentence starts, and correct citations.
I struggled in using an excessive amount of to be verbs while writing my first essay of the quarter, “Metacognitive Query”, adding up to 19 in this 494 word essay. I basically used a to be verb every 26 words. Throughout the quarter, Mrs. Carlson taught my class strategies to avoid writing with to be verbs, including rephrase, flip, replace and show, and omit. After I finally completed a rough draft for my last essay, “Research Essay”, I skimmed it and implemented these strategies to remove to be verbs. In the end, I only included 5 to be verbs in
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