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This semester I decided to take english 101 with van Hartesveldt. I can easily say taking van Hartesveldt this semester has really open up new skills in my writing that I never knew I could be capable of doing. I have learned so many things this semester and this portfolio is a big example of it. As you all can see from my first paper to my last, It's probably easy to spot all of the errors from the first paper to the improvements all the way to my last paper that are being shown. There are a few different things that this class has taught me and has made me realize through the semester. Such as realizing my growth as a writer, teaching me the importance of literacy skills assignments, realizing how my skills from english 101 had helped me with my other classwork and also how it helped me outside of class, and lastly realizing what area of my writing that I am more confident about and seeing what parts in my writing skills that I think need more improvement. Before this class, I was a terrible writer. I haven't really had any practice in high school writing anything. I think my writing skills improved tremendously throughout the semester. Before this class I could barely write a two page paper without repeating the same things that I have said before in the paper. Now, I can easily write a six page paper using a bunch of different kinds of examples and sources. For the final paper (paper 3), I felt like it was much easier to write than my first paper. I felt like I found

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