Reflection Paper On Feminism

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Reflection Paper #2 When someone thinks of Feminism and Science, they might immediately think that the two fields are incompatible and do not go with each other, or they may think that the two fields mixing are problematic. Peter Godfrey-Smith only contends with what is called “spontaneous feminist empiricism” (Godfrey-Smith 141), and somewhat contend with “philosophical feminist empiricism” (Godfrey-Smith 141). Many scientists and people like Godfrey-Smith would immediately gravitate towards these two types of feminism in science. As to why, it is because they do not completely challenge any of the established and well-regarded theories, ideas, or paradigms that exist within science, and avoid relativism. Instead, those two types of feminism critiques of science, only take a feminist point of view to examine biases and anything else within scientific work. However, the type of feminism that needs to be embraced, at least within science, should be “radical feminist epistemology” (Godfrey-Smith 141). Within radical feminist epistemology, “feminist postmodernism” (Godfrey-Smith 141) and “standpoint epistemology” (Godfrey-Smith 141) argue that everyone, especially oppressed groups view the world differently, and that the ideal of a single truth existing in the world is an illusion, as well as that the “situatedness” (Godfrey-Smith 141) of someone (their location, age, status) is extremely important in how science is conducted. Overall, however, both types of radical
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