Reflection Paper On Field Experience

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During my field experience I learned a lot about what it means to not be a student in the classroom. It is a different point of view when you are observing a teacher and helping the kids instead of being the one asking for help. I was at Proctor High School observing a 9th grade Physical Science class. I didn’t like some of the things about the environment of the classroom, but I think the teacher was still able to get the proper information across. The classroom itself is small and does not really provide technological education advances that I have seen many other schools have. The classroom was also limited in space, which affects both the teacher and students.
For some reason I thought that not being a student would give me some special insight on the cool stuff teachers did that the students did not know about. However, my perspective has changed and showed more that the kids get most of the special stuff themselves and teachers really don’t have a lot of down time when they are at school. I rediscovered what it was like to be in the presence of 9th grade kids again. I know I need to get better with patience, but I think that over the course of the semester I got better with becoming more patient with kids. I enjoyed spending time with different kinds of students and learning some of their stories.
At the midpoint of this class we wrote down some goals. My first goal was “I will act and speak like a professional while in the classroom”. I thought this would be an easy

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