Reflection Paper On Field Experience

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For my field experience, I attended the Westport Board of Education meeting held on Monday, November 27 at Staples High School from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. The Board of Education members present at the meeting were Michael Gordon, Jeannie Smith, Elaine Whitney, Mark Mathias, Karen Kleine, Vik Muktavaram, and Candice Savin. On the agenda for the evening was: public session and saying the pledge of allegiance, election of officers of the board of education, announcements from the board and administration, public questions and comments on non-agenda items, reading the minutes from past meetings, presentations, discussion, updates, committee reports, and adjournment. The presentations included the NESDEC ten year enrollment projections and an overview of the role of learning walks in the Westport Public Schools. The discussion was on revised homework guidelines. The updates were on the health and medical insurance revenues and expenses and projected end of the year balance in the health reserve account. At this meeting, I saw examples of the competing visions of the purpose of education, educational priorities, educational philosophies, and how issues such as technology are part of the educational conversation. While observing this meeting, I noticed that there seemed to be some contradiction when it came to deciding what the purpose of education is. Whether education is something that is taught explicitly or something learned independently seemed to be the biggest contradiction

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