Reflection Paper On Fur Animal Wellness And Massage

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Xinran Xu
SM395 Management Internship
Summer 2015
Reflection Paper
This summer during May and June, I attended the internship at a company named Focus on Fur Animal Wellness and Massage, which is owned by a certified small animal massage practitioner. We both love animals such as dogs and cats and we both keep a dog at home. Our common points made us feel connected with each other that we had so many topics especially for dogs to talk about. In addition, the job contents were mostly related to dogs, which attracted me and made me want to explore more knowledge in this field. I was responsible for multiple tasks during this internship, since the company was a small start-up company that provided me the opportunity to handle almost
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I have learnt a lot of practical knowledge on how to actually plan and execute different aspect of tasks through the process in these two months. The first step of work for a start-up company is neither urgently finding a client to perform the service at once, nor calculating the profit that could gain each year; but to get all the basic things done before the company is really making money. The duties include design name cards and forms that could give your clients or potential clients; market research on competitors in order to find our strengths and to determine our target customers and target price; design marketing materials; and plan trade show events to promote the service. This actually sounds similar to what we did at the junior-year Cross Functional Core, which was a semester-long new product development project that at the end of the semester, we need to develop a business plan and presented it. I did not consider this course to be so much useful until I had to develop a business plan at the internship by myself. Fortunately, the plan I worked on was simpler in the way that it was a service company, which did not require much about operations. We did not have inventory, or physical materials to take care with. However, the marketing part became more significant for a service business that I have contributed a lot of time in doing research and thinking about marketing

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