Reflection Paper On Fur Animal Wellness And Massage

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Xinran Xu SM395 Management Internship Summer 2015 Reflection Paper This summer during May and June, I attended the internship at a company named Focus on Fur Animal Wellness and Massage, which is owned by a certified small animal massage practitioner. We both love animals such as dogs and cats and we both keep a dog at home. Our common points made us feel connected with each other that we had so many topics especially for dogs to talk about. In addition, the job contents were mostly related to dogs, which attracted me and made me want to explore more knowledge in this field. I was responsible for multiple tasks during this internship, since the company was a small start-up company that provided me the opportunity to handle almost everything that a company needs at the preliminary stage. Before my internship, I had no real direction of a particular position that I would like to pursue as my future career goal. I was trying to find an opportunity in which I could gain some working experience as well as put on my resume. Looking back now, an internship with various tasks helps me realize what I am willing to do and which aspect I am better with. On the other hand, contrary to the experience of completing an internship at a standard large firm, this internship allowed me to be more creative and bold to make decisions instead of doing some fixed tasks with strict rules. My supervisor had another full time job to take care with, so I worked from home individually, and would get in

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