Reflection Paper On Hallucinations

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After viewing the hallucinating patient video, I learned that they need our support the most. I never imagined how much hallucinations can make difference in person’s life. The main thing I learned is that communication technique plays an important role while dealing with hallucinating patient. I always used to think that it will be very hard to control and have conversation with hallucinating client. However, this video has taught me how to communicate in calm and effective manners.
The four stages of hallucinations are: Comforting stage, condemning stage, controlling stage and conquering stage. In the first stage, a patient begins to experience anxiety, loneliness and guilt. However, he/she think that these thoughts are their own and they can manage it by comforting themselves. In stage two know as condemning stage, patient start having greater anxiety than stage one. Patient starts listen to the hallucination. Patient feels that other people are listening to them and they start avoiding social interactions. Their vital signs go up as the emotions of the patient increases. In controlling stage, patient starts to experience anxiety at high level. Voices which they are hearing will make command to them and will threaten if the commands are not followed. In this stage, patient will start to feel suicidal or violent thoughts. Conquering stage is the most dangerous stage. The hallucination is only thing that patient will think in this stage. It can last for long period of
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