Reflection Paper On Health And Rehabilitation

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Reflection Journal On Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 I continued my preceptorship at Henderson Health and Rehabilitation. My preceptor was Mary Beth Rowland, and she ended up being about forty minutes late this morning. When she got there, she apologized and said she had to get some milk for her children to send with the babysitter. I understand that things come up, but it would have been nice if I was notified or if she told me to just come in at nine instead of eight. That was definitely my frustration of the day, because I felt like I could have been learning something those forty minutes, but instead I was wondering if she was going to show up. Around 0900 they had their morning meeting, which included their administrator, business office manager, social worker, physical therapist, activities director, director of nursing, and assistant director of nursing. This meeting was to discuss census, residents that were sent to hospitals, and events that happened on the previous and current day. One of the problems that Mrs. Rowland had to help deal with in this meeting was how to distinguish the weight loss patients from non-weight loss patients in the dining room. Mrs. Rowland explained to me that they can get “dinged” by the Tennessee Department of Health if they perform actions in the company that could be considered singling out a patient. They ended up making the collaborative decision to order gold napkins. They said that they would deal with it, if it became a
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