Reflection Paper On Health Care Delivery

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Reflection Paper Introduction: Health care delivery in America has a unique approach. I worked as a Dentist in India and gradually developed an interest in Health Care Administration, which is why I have selected MHA to pursue my career as a manager or administrator in a health care setting. Eventually, I did some research on scope and importance of managers in Health Care settings. Consequently, I have found that U.S Health Care model has been followed and recognized globally. Additionally, I will learn knowledge and global exposure related to health care. Hence, I have chosen to pursue MHA in U.S by calculating benefits. This paper is about my learning experience from the course theoretically and practically throughout the semester. In the beginning of the semester, I struggled in getting accustomed to the climate, culture and educational system, as they were totally different than in India. I was hesitant to ask any doubts I had in mind. Eventually, I have developed the courage to talk, discuss and ask the things which I should know. Gradually, I have improvised my communications skills and abilities, which are main skills for any managerial position in any field. The assignments that are structured in the course made me developed the communication skills. Mainly, the interview report of personnel in a health care setting made me enlightened by letting me know the scope and nature of the job position which I might like to choose as in
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