Reflection Paper On Health Care

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Carmen Tapia Nursing 300/Professor Nurse Reflection 2 I have to admit, while watching this movie I shed some tears and surprisingly it did not have a soporific effect. The movie definitely made me more aware of how much impact we as nurses have in our patients’ lives. One of the goals in therapeutic relationships is to provide emotional and informative support in which the client is able to make informed decisions regarding their health care (Arnold & Boggs. 2016). The doctor portrayed in this movie did not display empathy, in relaying her medical diagnosis, he used medical terminology, and when he discussed the treatment he did not include the patient in the decision-making. The patient appeared baffled, and after the interviewed regretted not asking any questions. As health care professionals, we should always identify client’s needs and preferences (Arnold & Boggs.2016). We should always keep in mind the patient must be included in their health care decisions and should always have a choice. In order for the patient to make an informed decision, we must commit to educate the patient and ensure they understand what the disease and available treatments entails. In doing so, the patient is empowered and in most situations is compliant with the treatment regimen. In contrast to the movie where the doctors failed to identify her needs and preferences, by directly prescribing full dose of an experimental chemotherapy medication. It was evident in the film that the
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