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“Lifestyles impact health, wellness, and fitness more than any other factors” (Corbin, Welk, Corbin, & Welk, 2016, p. 500). Throughout this course, I have learned how my current lifestyle has increased my risk for health problems. Many of the lab findings reported frightening information, which lead me to recognizing the importance of taking care of myself through the use of physical activity, healthy eating, stress management, and environmental influences. The overall reason for changing my lifestyle behaviors is I want to feel good — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I need all aspects of my life to coordinate with each other, so that I may live a long life to the fullest and serve the purpose God has for me. Of course, “Knowledge doesn’t translate to behavior” (Corbin, et al, 2016, p. 339). In other words, even though I may be more aware of our health risks, does not necessarily mean I will adhere to the changes to reduce those risks. Without action, knowledge is useless; therefore, I am making a commitment to myself. Furthermore, before one can begin to change any lifestyle behavior, one must understand the “reasons” and the “why” it is necessary to make the changes. I have identified heredity, lifestyle, and actions/interactions factors that I need to improve upon towards my quest for optimal wellness. The heredity factor is a little more difficult considering I do not know much about my mother and her side of the family with regards to health problems or inherited risks. Despite, heredity being a factor we have no control over, as we cannot decide to not come from this family, “adopting healthy lifestyles may significantly reduce inherited risks for certain diseases” (Corbin, et al, 2016, p. 501). Thus, simply a commitment to healthy living can diminish risks, whether known or unknown. With regards to changing a lifestyle behavior, my presentation is as follows. “Experts agree that it is best to not make too many changes all at once, by focusing attention on one or two things at a time the results are better” (Corbin, et al, 2016, p. 511). One area of change I am beginning with is eating well. The reasons for this necessary change is that I am high-risk for serious

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