Reflection Paper On How I Changed As A Speaker

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I have changed as a speaker in various ways over this past semester. I have gotten more comfortable with myself as a speaker. I learned instead of being scared and nervous to talk in front of my classmates, to just put my self in a place where I feel comfortable. For example when I am speaking in front of the class, I imagine myself standing in my living room just talking to my dad. Another thing that helped me get through my speech is choosing a topic that I know a lot about, this helped my feel more comfortable about what I was talking about. This helps build credibility. I realized that everyone is going to have a strong opinion about certain topics but if you can provide valid information and have good arguing point in a speech then it could really change peoples minds about a certain topic. After I completed my first speech I really understood what it took to be a good speaker, especially after getting feed back from my classmates. This helped improve confidence and all other aspects of me speaking in front of a crowd. I felt as if the outlines helped me a lot. They gave me a basic idea of what I need to do and say. They also helped me organize my thoughts and help me stay on track. The quizzes also helped me understand the topics and why we needed to set up the outline the way we do. It also helped me understand what was most important in the speech and what I should focus most on. When you gave sample speeches this was my most helpful tool. You showed us exactly
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