Reflection Paper On Jewish Temple

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For my Immersion Paper, I decided to visit a Jewish Temple by the name of ‘Bnai Israel Ohev Zedek’ in Northeast Philadelphia. Bnai Israel Ohev Zedek is a part of the Orthodox Jewish Community. When talking to one of the Temple’s member, she gave me some insight on the religion. Judaism began in the Middle East during the Bronze Age and Judaism is first looked at in the first five books of the Old Testament in the Hebrew Bible. In the Hebrew Bible, that who wrote it talks about the relationship between God and the Jewish people. It explains that the Jews were chosen by God to leave and be an example to others. The Jewish community uses the Torah as one of its religious readings. She also explained to me that Orthodox Judaism is mostly used in North America and they believe in both the written and oral versions of the Torah and the continue the practices of normative Judaism. Through looking through their text I realized that the Torah includes those first five books of the Hebrew Bible.
Bnai Israel Ohev Zedek had a very welcoming appearance on both the outside and the inside. On the outside, it was a nice medium sized brown building that showed the name of the Temple. The Congregation was in walking distance of many houses and other necessities. Due to prior knowledge, I knew that leading up to the Sabbath day, those members of the Temple are only able to walk to and from the Temple to their place of residence. They are supposed to limit activities during those days leading
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