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JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps) has made many important changes to my life. I have learned a lot in my LET 1 year and besides that, I was able to try out new things I never would’ve. This program does indeed allow young people to become citizens and I am very satisfied with the person I am today. I’ve learned so much about leadership and everything you must have in order to pertain it. In addition, I’ve also made many new friends and this is one of the very few classes that I would talk about outside of school because I am very proud of being a cadet to such an amazing battalion. JROTC allowed me to go through so much and without it, I wouldn’t have been able to open myself up and realize what my dreams are and how to pursue them. JROTC has given me a more meaningful life since I was able to find out what my goals are, what my strengths and weakness are, as well as the kind of person that I should and want to be.
When I first joined this program, I was ready to drop out because I don’t see myself wearing the uniform, and in fact, I was worried about what others would think of me in the uniform. I didn’t like the fact that I can’t have my hair down, have long nails, or the fact that I have to wear such a serious uniform. However, after realizing what a great opportunity being in JROTC was, I took pride in my uniform. I was expected to make sacrifices and changes, but those were the small things doesn’t even matter to me now. It’not how pretty I should look

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